Ray Epps & Bill H.R. 4350: Another 'Conspiracy Theory' Debunked?

Episode #42

This is the most important episode I have ever done. In the first part of this episode we look into the 'conspiracy' involving Ray Epps to see, as we always do, if the 'conspiracy' is an actual conspiracy or if it's indeed true (you'll never guess what we find out!).

In the second part of the episode, we cover the most important "Bill" called H.R. 4350, which would allow the military to not only be deployed against "domestic extremists" but it would also REMOVE congressional oversight and put control solely in the hands of the President. That is a Dictatorship.

Since I started this podcast, this is by far the most important part of any episode I have ever done. It is the last play the Globalist Regime can do to gain FULL control over the people. The weaponization of the military against its OWN people. Yes, this is real. Take a listen or watch on YouTube to learn all you need to know about the bill that would change all of our lives forever.

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This is from the "In Case You Forgot: The Ownership Economy" podcast, which is hosted daily by Jonathan Kogan.

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